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**Weekly Sneak Peek - January 21st**
> *”Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.”*
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1f PTU.7934842 Patch Notes**


**Notable Information**
- Derelict Polish pass
- Potential fix for weapons to holster and unholster unintentionally
- Player corpses should no longer fail to spawn after death
- Item interactions should no longer overlap other items
**November/December’s Squadron 42 Development Report**

*Note: Very mild spoilers are typically contained within the report, however they were omitted within our news post.*

**AI Content**
- Focused on the deck crew and security AI behaviors.
- Deck crew activity brings life and movement to hangars and landing pads.
- Security behavior controls player and NPC access to specific areas.

**AI Features**
- Focus on improving Human combat.
- In support of the weapons training behavior.
- For Vanduul combat, a section of gameplay was completed where enemy perception is reduced when searching for the player.
- The team also continued work with mo-cap for multiple animations.

- Worked on Vanduul and Human combat and made improvements to Human AI locomotion.
- The Facial team continued with quality passes on animations.
- Mo-Cap team supported a story shoot.

**Art (Characters)**
- Focused on completing the Navy faction, which involved updating and finalizing major characters and outfits.

- Cinematics team involved continuing larger staging tasks and progressing with scenes.
- Engine team delivered a cinematic-specific ship object container for use with VFX.
- An escape pod was reworked to give a better view outside.
- Improved the way conversations are hinted at and then triggered.

**Features (Gameplay)**
- Continued developing the in-game character customizer.
- Several UI and quality of life improvements for the player to interact.

**Gameplay Story**
- Polished and updated several scenes with a significant amount of mo-cap.
- Overhauled one of the walk-and-talk sections in chapter 5.
- A new and improved turret metric was devised.
- Began implementing new audio and face and body animations into random-to-NPC scenes.

**Level Design**
- Space/Dogfight team worked on flight components for chapters that focus on points of interest.
- FPS team focused on getting FPS components playing through without blockers.
- Social Design team continued with the significant task of implementing all in-game scenes.

- Work continued on tracking all line requests in preparation for capture later in the year.
- Began working alongside the dev teams to review and discuss levels.
- Writers will start building out scripts and creating placeholder audio early this year.

- Regular chapter testing were conducted to iron out many of the tool defects when rendering scenes.

**Tech Animation**
- Set a mandate to finish upgrading all head assets to the new pipeline in preparation for the full DNA system refactor.
- Began cleaning up the animation databases.
3 days ago [2022-01-19 21:18:41]
**Star Citizen Monthly Report: November & December 2021**

- Created feature testmaps for AI behaviors and usables. Helps identify bugs much quicker than before.
- Added additional patron/bartender animations.

- Finished their work on the initial version of planetary navigation.
- Navigation mesh will be created on planetary surfaces around actors and NPCs, who are able to use it to find paths and move along them.
- Fixed several issues with NPC aiming, looking, and locomotion.

- Worked on the Kahix missile launcher
- Improved player crouch motion, idle animations, and drunk locomotion.
- Further developed mining gadgets.
- Worked on the cowering, surrender, mess hall, and patron animation sets.
- Blocked out NPCs reacting to dead bodies.
- Tasks were completed for:
- Vendors and bartenders
- Multi-tool work zone set
- Security blocking and directing players
- Vent searching
- Vandalizing objects
- Medical behavior

- Wrapped up DNA head update for alpha 3.17.
- Focused on pyro and generic Stanton outfits that will appear "Shortly."
- Improved wear and dirt tech.

- Hull A: Interior mostly final art, landing gear and cargo are WIP.
- Hull C: greybox review.
- RSI Scorpius: greybox; exterior mostly completed.
- "All new vehicle" progressed through whitebox.
- BMM progressed towards greybox.
- Drake Vulture interior final art, exterior WIP.
- Drake Corsair in greybox.

- Certain physics processing are now processed in parallel.
- further work was done on the transition to Gen12.
- research started on noise reduction for atmospheric cloud rendering for improved image quality.
- submitted the first draft of entity-centric component update scheduling.
- *Several other things, recommended as a manual read for details.*

- Team moved onto salvaging. Initial focus was on visually removing material from an object and ensuring its state can be reliably stored and recreated, both across the network and when the object streams back in again.
- Hacking minigame continued, going through several iterations and prototypes playtested. work began on bringing the visuals online

- Significant progress made in enabling item selling and is trending towards completion in Q1.
- Cargo rework is ongoing but intermittent, fixed bugs while also supporting Jumptown 2's release.

- Technical reworks being planned and started for the transit networks and restricted areas.
- Major focus was on jump points. The team is currently working on 'abnormal exits.' For example, a player falling out the back of their ship, the powering down of the jump point, or a jump drive failing.

- Completed a significant amount of work on shaders and materials end of 2021.
- For Gen12, implemented a fallback rendering system for use when the shaders are compiling.
- For Vulkan, continued with the GPU marker refactor, adding API versioning and fixing issues with arrays of resources on Vulkan.
- Development of the fire hazard feature continued, with the team moving heat and temperature to the physics proxy and working on IR emissions.

- Started work on future mission content, figuring out what lines are needed and discussed future Dynamic Events.
- Worked with Character Art on the upcoming frontier-style clothing, worn mostly within the fringes of society and influenced by Earth/Terra fashion with its own aesthetic,

- Supported visual implementation of the refueling HUD.
- Progress made on the core tech and feature set of the new Starmap.
- Created a variety of new concepts for the mobiGlas, AR markers, Starmap, Aegis HUD modes, and Origin HUD.
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1e PTU.7931750 Open PTU Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Derelict Lighting and Collision Polish pass
- Bug fixes
**Empire Report: Imperator Advisor Shake Up - Lore Post**
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1d PTU.7931005 Open PTU Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Derelict Spaceships Polish pass
- Quantum Travel Polish; should engage more consistently
- 3 Bug Fixes
**This Week In Star Citizen**

Tuesday: The Narrative team will publish a new 'Empire Report' lore post.
Wednesday: The November and December's PU & SQ42 monthly reports will be published.
Friday: Updates to the Subscriber Vault along with the Weekly Newsletter.
**Jumptown Weekend: Schedule Update - January 14**

Jumptown 2.0 has been extended this weekend, and will now end on

*Date and time automatically converted to your local time zone*
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**Weekly Sneak Peek - January 14th**
> *"I need a doctor to bring me back to life."*
Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1c OPEN PTU.7928101 Patch Notes

Notable Changes
- Polish pass on derelicts (Updated lootables, various collision-related fixes)
- Bug fixes for inventory transfers
- Ship Shield Delay Changes
• Shield face regen delay timers now also trigger when the ship's hull takes damage; will also trigger for all faces "when the power state of any shield generator is changed"
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1b OPEN PTU.7921843 Patch Notes**

**Notable Changes**
- Polish pass on derelicts (More mines, fixed physics issues)
- Reduced damage and fixed bugs for Mustang Delta rocket pods
- Bug fixes for ships and hospitals
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[Original Message Deleted]
**Alpha 3.16.1 Patch Watch | Derelict Ship Puzzles**

> As we approach the release of Alpha 3.16.1, our teams are continuing to work on various improvements and bug fixes that you’ll get to experience very soon.

**Updates to Derelict Spaceships**
Explore and navigate through wreckages while avoiding deadly laser trip mines to recover the valuable cargo inside:
- 12 different crash sites on 9 different moons
- All sites are created using Drake Caterpillar wreckage
- Each overall crash site will be unique
- Two types of loot can be found: common and rare
- Tractor beam is sometimes mandatory to solve the puzzles
- Be careful of trip mines
- Missions that may get you to these new locations:
- Missing Crew
- Black Box
- Cargo Retrieval
- Time Delivery
- Mission objective is only a fraction of what the location has to offer

**Laser Trip Mines T0**
This is the first implementation of laser trip mines - deadly explosives that detonate when someone comes into contact with the beam-of-light trigger.
**Portfolio: Civilian Defense Force - Lore Post**
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.1 OPEN PTU.7921843 Patch Notes**

**Feature Updates**
- Derelict Spaceships V1 - Planetside Points of Interest
- Increased scaling ratio payout per crimestat of target for player bounties

**Bug Fixes**
- Fixed an issue causing Inner Thought to override the MFD interaction of many ships
- 13 other bug fixes
**Star Citizen: Its Five-Year Mission | Yudu Video Games Magazine**

**Notable quotes (from Carl Jones, COO of CIG)**
- I think by that time [2027] we'll be operating a very large MMORPG
- At the moment we don't have any major Asia Pacific presence and that's probably something that will have to come in the long run
- By that time [2027] we'll be developing the sequel and sequels for Squadron 42
- I guess we'll see how long he [Chris Roberts] needs to be over [live in Manchester]. But yeah, it could be one or two years more
- CIG will be moving into it's Enterprise City offices [new Manchester offices] in the spring
- We've quite recently brought most of our Squadron 42 team back into our office
- I really hope CIG is an inclusive and welcoming company, because we're doing everything we can to make sure it is [referencing the need for diversity]
**This Week In Star Citizen**

Tuesday: The Narrative team will publish a new Portfolio piece about the Civilian Defence Force.
Friday: Updates to the Subscriber Vault along with the Weekly Newsletter. Plus, get ready for the final 48 hours of Jumptown 2.0 starting at midnight.

The 2952 Daymar Rally, a community-run event, is set to kick off on Saturday January 15th.
As a reminder, there will be no roadmap updates until the 26th January (see the latest roadmap post in <#569635458183856149> for more info).
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**Weekly Sneak Peek - January 7th**
> *”Is this thing working?”*
**Something Every Tuesday: Traveler’s Day Special - Lore Post**
2 weeks ago [2022-01-04 22:07:08]
**January 2022 Subscriber Promotions**

**Three sets of paints for ROC (and ROC-DS), MOLE, Reclaimer, and Prospector. **

**Dolivine Mining Paint Pack**
- Light-green hue
- Included with Centurion-level subscription

**Aphorite Mining Paint Pack**
- Purple hue
- Included with Imperator-level subscription

**Hadinite Mining Paint Pack**
- Pink hue
- Pledge only in subscriber store.
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**SC-News Summary - 2021**

Happy New Year everyone! It's time to close 2021 and move on to 2022, where the spaceships will be fast and pretty and the News will be even faster and prettier

This year, we started off 2021 with 2,694 servers following our announcement channels. That's a lot!
We're ending 2021 with 4,300 servers now following us, and an **estimated** 500,000 users in those servers. That's mind-blowing!

We are dedicated to continuing to provide quick, accurate summaries of your favorite Star Citizen News. With that in mind, please enjoy the below summary of each 2021 patch. It's been a *dynamic* year, but we're still here and the summaries shall flow!

**Star Citizen 2021 Update Summary**

- Different cave entrances: drive-in (for land vehicles) and sinkhole (for ships)
- New mission types: quantum-sensitive deliveries, timed multi-drop deliveries
- Mining sub-components
- Some vehicles now have custom names and serial numbers.
- Vehicles now visually degrade over time.
- Merlin/Constellation docking
- Ship-to-station docking
- New Vehicles: Greycat ROC-DS, Tumbril Cyclone-MT, Tumbril Nova tank
- Crusader Hercules Starlifter M2 and C2 released
- First dynamic event: XenoThreat. A major event across all servers.

- Orison Landing Zone at Crusader, with volumetric clouds
- Capacitor system for ships: basically a new power management system
- Radar, Scanning, and Ping: both UI and gameplay improvements
- Missiles perform and track better, missile operator mode added
- Surrender added
- Even better ship HUDs, now with lots of QoL improvements
- Constellation Taurus released

- Personal physical inventory added: now you don't have infinite inventory. When you die, you lose everything that your character was carrying.
- Bombs added
- Healing gameplay: can heal other players and NPCs, new equipment to help heal you, hospitals which you respawn at
- New Ships/Vehicles: Anvil Spartan APC, Argo RAFT Hauler, Origin 400i Explorer, Aegis Redeemer gunship, A2 Hercules bomber, Ares Ion & Inferno
- 2 new weapons, new medical tool and new medical attachment
- Volumetric planetary clouds added to MicroTech

- Improvements to Arena Commander Dying Star map
- Jumptown 2.0: A dynamic event that aims to replicate the original Jumptown
- Area 18 hospital
- Gravlev Physics Rework

**Tl;dr: Major things for each patch**
3.10 = ship flight model rework
3.11 = cargo decks, inventory system
3.12 = refinery decks (+ gameplay), reputation system
3.13 = new mission types, docking, first dynamic event
3.14 = crusader and orison, capacitor system
3.15 = medical gameplay, server 30k recovery
3.16 = Jumptown 2.0
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<:Roadmap:872137437902692372> **Roadmap Update** <:Roadmap:872137437902692372>
Just a reminder that there will be no roadmap updates until the 26th January 2022, as CIG will be on holiday (you can see this with this year's first roadmap update, which was on the 27th). Importantly, this means that deliverables on the Progress Tracker which are scheduled to be completed for this year (such as 18 different SQ42 chapters) will not be completed at that time: CIG has yet to fully plan out the schedules for many deliverables.

Edit to clear up some confusion:
CIG schedules out their deliverables up to a certain time frame (in this case, up until the end of Q4 2021). This doesn't mean that a deliverable has been completed (even though the Progress Tracker implies that), just that this is the furthest CIG can plan ahead for this deliverable. They do the planning for most of the 2022 schedules in mid-January, therefore the timeframes for the deliverables won't be updated until the end of January. *As such*, the current progress tracker is not accurate, as schedules for 2022 have not yet been added for certain deliverables, thus making it look like that deliverable has been completed this year.

Finally, here is Odysseus' Roadmap Graphic for the last roadmap update of the year:
4 weeks ago [2021-12-24 03:24:57]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - December 23rd**
> *"Last night, I saw my world explode"*
4 weeks ago [2021-12-23 19:25:26]
**Jump Point: Issue 09 12**

**In this issue**
- Developer Interview: Health System & Clinics
- Behind the Scenes: Making the MISC Odyssey
- Whitley's Guide: GreyCat Industrial ROC
- Portfolio: Stegman's Clothing & Uniforms
- January's Subscriber rewards: Gemstones liveries for MOLE, Prospector, ROC Series, and Reclaimer
**Jumptown 2.0 and Ninetails Lockdown Schedule Update**

**Jumptown 2.0**

(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 48hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 6hr)
(Duration: 48hr)

**Ninetails Lockdown**

*Dates and times are automatically converted to your local time zone*
**Cloud Imperium Financials for 2020**

- Grew more rapidly than any time since the year following its inception
- Almost 60% increase in pledges and subscription income
- Likely at least partially due to the COVID pandemic

- $77 million from pledges
- $4.7 million from subscriptions
- $6.5 million from other income (e.g. partnerships)

- $44 million in salaries
- $8.8 million in other game dev costs
- $5.6 million in contracted game dev costs
- $15 million in marketing[1] costs
- $1.2 million in admin costs
- $6.1 million in capex costs
- Total Costs: $81 million

By Region
United States: 111 developers, 85 marketing[1], 23 admin (total = 219)
Rest of World: 401 developers, 42 marketing[1], 33 admin (total = 476)

By Discipline
Development: 512
Marketing[1]: 127
Admin: 56

Total: 695 (increased by 15% [91 staff] from 2019)

**Status of 2021**
- 2021 has also gone very well
- We are on track to beat our net budgeted position by the end of 2021
- Q4 has been another record-breaking quarter, and should see us exceed our 2020 sales numbers (despite a fall-off in the pandemic impact)

[1] - This includes: Publishing Operations, Community, Events and Marketing
**Prepare for Jumptown 2.0**

**Jumptown 2.0**
Jumptown is open for business! The latest Dynamic Event encourages players on both sides of the law to seek out abandoned drugs labs and secure their goods.

**Jumptown 2.0 | What's new?**
- Updated drug lab location (featuring new cover options, hiding spots, and roof access).
- Multiple different drug labs.
- Physicalized boxes.

**Lawful vs Criminal**
- To take the lawful path, make sure you have no CrimeStat and then accept the mission from Crusader Security. All contraband must be taken to Port Olisar, for which you will receive an aUEC bonus on top of the price of the drugs.
- To take the unlawful path, you must have a CrimeStat of any level and accept the mission from Ruto (he will ask a buy-in for the mission). All contraband must be taken to Grim Hex, regardless of where the mission is taking place. A bonus will be provided for each successfully delivered drug box.

**What is the schedule?**
See the schedule for both Jumptown 2.0 and the Ninetails Lockdown in <#803341100618219540>
**Prepare for Jumptown 2.0 | Schedule**

**Jumptown 2.0**
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: **48hr**)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: 6hr)
- (Duration: **48hr**)

**Ninetails Lockdown**
**Drake Cutlass Steel Q&A**

- No differences in the pilot area from other variants.
- Full SCU crates cannot be stored as there is no dedicated cargo area. Vehicle also cannot be stored.
- Compared to other dropships, the big bonus is the increased amount of weaponry to cover troops.
- Identical to the Cutlass Black component-wise.
- The pilot and co-pilot retain their weapon racks, and each jump seat has space for one FPS weapon.
- The rear remote turret is exclusively controlled by the co-pilot.
- No medical equipment.
- Weighs more than the Cutlass Black due to the extra jump seats and turrets, and therefore has marginally reduced performance.
- No additional features aside from the jump seats, remote rear turret, and manned door turrets.
- Pilot visibility is the same as other variants. An update to fix issues with alignment and visibility for all Cutlasses is planned.
- Blades can be used on the remote turret, but will be of limited usefulness due to its position.
**Luminalia Twelve Days of Gifts - Twelve Days of Gifts**

- Luminalia Sweater
- Two Luminalia Spectrum-Badge
- Two Luminalia - Wallpaper
- Mustang, Caterpillar, Aurora - IceBreak Paint
- Caterpillar - Deck the Hull Paint
- Enjakte Knife
- And a little secret

> Today is your last chance to grab all of the gifts from the Luminalia Calendar! Really! Trust me!!
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.0 LIVE.7912978 Patch Notes**

**New Features**

- Area 18 Hospital Interior

- Jumptown 2.0
- A new dynamic event that will run periodically in the persistent universe
- This event features both lawful and unlawful mission paths

Ships and Vehicles
- Added New Ship: Drake Cutlass Steel

**Feature Updates**

- Gravlev Rework
- Gravlev Rework: Gravlev has been heavily revamped and upgraded, including major updates to the physics model, stability improvements, and new features (e.g. tilting, adjustable height, etc.).
- Atmospheric Bounties
- The addition of flying bounties in atmosphere to all Stanton (1,2,3,4)
- UGF Mission Polish
- Changed UGF security from police to guards so Assaulting an Officer is not triggered
- Law system Improvements
- Dying Star Updates
- Updated rep for infiltrate and defend missions to not punish on player abandon due to the spawn times
- Temporarily made Scrap sellable at the following RestStop Admin Offices: HUR-L5, CRU-L5, ARC-L1, MIC-L1

Ships and Vehicles
- Ares Ion and Redeemer Balance Pass
- Added radars to the Constellation series copilot seats
- Mounted Guns Polish
- Increased cost of Size 10 bombs

**Notable Bug Fixes**
- 12 Known Issues
- 34 bug fixes
- Character Customization should now save changes in the PU when editing appearance
- Depositing gems in the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility Mining Hopper should no longer give a "transaction error"
- Items should no longer get in a bad state and highlight as grey instead of green
- Fixed an issue causing group bounties to not complete
- Fixed an issue that only allowed players to split one item from a stack at a time

- Fixed 7 Client Crashes
- Fixed 5 Server Crashes
- Backend Service Crash Fix
**Luminalia Twelve Days of Gifts - Day 12**

- Full Reveal. More info coming soon! Today is also your last chance to grab all of the gifts from the Luminalia Calendar!
**2022 Buy Back Token Schedule - January Change**

The January Buy Back Token has been pushed back a week. Below are the new dates of the Buy Back Token distribution

Q1: Tuesday, January 10, 2022 (Moved from the 4th)
Q2: Monday, April 4, 2022
Q3: Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Q4: Monday, October 3, 2022
**Galactapedia Update December 2021**
**Luminalia Twelve Days of Gifts - Day 11**

- Visit the comm-link and claim an in-game Caterpillar IceBreak Paint! As we celebrate Luminalia tomorrow, it will also be your last chance to secure all of the small gifts from the Luminalia Calendar.
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.0i OPEN PTU.7912978 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information**
- UGF Mission Polish
- Changed UGF security from police to guards
- Greatly increased leniency on damage taken from friendly-fire threshold of AI
- Increased cost of Size 10 bombs
- 7 Bug Fixes
- Medical Beds should now correctly heal injuries
- Players should no longer become stuck in the queue to respawn at an ICU indefinitely
- Gravlev vehicles should no longer be able to be flown to space by rolling side to side
**This Week In Star Citizen**

> *We’re aiming to release the patch [3.16] to the Live servers this week.*

Tuesday: The Narrative Team has more content being added to the ever-expanding Galactapedia.
Wednesday: Luminalia celebration! This is your last chance to grab the small gifts from the Luminalia Calendar.
Thursday: Updates to the Subscriber Vault and the weekly RSI Newsletter delivered to your inbox. Also available is the December issue of Jump Point.

> *This is the last ‘This Week in Star Citizen’ post of 2021, so we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and inspiration over the year. We’ll be back in January and look forward to what the new year brings!*
**Luminalia Twelve Days of Gifts - Day 10**

- 10th day began with an in-game Enjakte Knife. You can claim the item and all previous gifts by visiting the link!
**Luminalia Twelve Days of Gifts - Day 9**

- A neat Luminalia Wallpaper of Gatac Railen is the freebie for day 9.
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.0h OPEN PTU.7912101 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information**
- 4 bug fixes:
- Depositing gems in the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility Mining Hopper should no longer give a "transaction error"
- The doors leading into the Orison Cloudview Center Arcade should now open correctly from the outside
- "Close Exterior" prompts should now correctly close ramps or doors on various ships
- Fixed Several mannequins in Tammany and Sons shop missing armor
**Luminalia Twelve Days of Gifts - Day 8**

- Another Spectrum-Badge freebie on the 8th day. Claim yours today!
1 month ago [2021-12-18 01:13:09]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - December 17th**
> *"Shiny sleek machine believe it."*
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.0g OPEN PTU.7911452 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information**
- Gravlev polish pass
- Heavy armours should no longer block much of the mobiglas interface
- Fixed an issue causing elevators in ships to disappear and cause players to be come invisible
- 3 other bug fixes
**Luminalia Twelve Days of Gifts - Day 7**

- Today's gift is IceBreak Paint for Aurora!!
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.0f OPEN PTU.7910297Patch Notes**

**Notable Information**
- Bounty mission & Spawn closet AI fixes
- GravLev bugfixes
- Other crash and bug fixes
1 month ago [2021-12-17 00:14:36]
**Inside Star Citizen - Year in Review | Fall 2021**
- The Daymar Rally Community Event, including some quick CIG fixes
- Delamar was removed from Stanton

- Release of 3.12.1 with XenoThreat, the first in-game server-wide event, bringing in an Idris and cargo collecting to
- Red Festival with plenty of new ship paints and Valentine's Day entries

- First wave of Ship naming for select ships
- Release of the Cyclone MT for Stella Fortuna

- "Reveal" of the Origin 404
- Release of Alpha 3.13, including caves/sinkholes, new mission types, Reputation system, and stagger/force reactions. Trolleys!

- Invictus Flight Week, walkthrough of a Javelin Destroyer and a flyby of the Bengal Carrier
- Addition of the Hercules Starlifters and the Tumbril Nova
- First look at the RSI Scorpius

- Alien Week, announcing the Railen cargo carrier
- Release of the Ninetails Lockdown in-game event

- Alpha 3.14 needed extra testing due to the addition of the Orison landing zone
- 3.14 brought an improved HUD, reworked combat system, Ping/Radar system, and Taurus

- Ship Showdown began, ending with the expectation-busting victory of the ARGO MPUV-1C (Argo Cargo)

- CitizenCon 2951 began in Digital-only form
- First looks at the Banu Merchantman, Anvil Liberator, Origin 400i, and updates on plenty of in-game systems
- Release of Alpha 3.15 with Death/Healing mechanics, injury states, Personal Inventory systems, bombing mechanics, and loot systems.

- Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2951
- Reveals of Anvil Spartan, new Aegis Redeemer, Argo RAFT, Ares Inferno/Ion, MISC Odyssey, and Jax's midlife crisis.

- Patch 3.16 will include a GravLev rework, new hospital, and even a ={REDACTED}= along with the Jumptown 2.0 event
- Cutlass Steel coming in 3.16 with plenty of guns, turrets, and door-mounted gatlings.

CIG loves you ❤️
**Luminalia Twelve Days of Gifts - Day 6**

- Today we are treated with a Sneak-Peek. Full reveal coming soon...
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.16.0e OPEN PTU.7908634 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Gravlev Polish
- Mounted Guns Polish
- Added 'service unavailable' message when the service request for searching friends fails
- Various bug fixes
1 month ago [2021-12-15 22:06:17]
**Star Citizen | Progress Tracker Update | Q4 2021 | Week 11 & 12**
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