**This Week In Star Citizen**

Tuesday: The Narrative team has a brand new lore post titled Mining Rocks. June's Subscriber offerings will also be published both as a newsletter and as a Comm-Link.
Wednesday: A second 3.17.2 Patch Watch post will be posted on Spectrum. Also a Roadmap Roundup to coincide with the Public Roadmap's biweekly update.
Thursday: Foundation Festival begins! Complete with a Free Fly, Referral Bonus, and awesome rewards for Citizens using the Guides System.
Friday: A new episode of Star Citizen Live, along with the weekly newsletter and a Subscriber Vault Update.
3 days ago [2022-07-02 03:12:05]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - July 1st**
> *"When you're an outlaw everyone knows your name."*
3 days ago [2022-07-01 23:20:33]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2f WAVE 1 PTU.8123122 Patch Notes**

PTU Wave 1: Concierge & Active Subscribers

**Feature Updates:**
- Combat Assistant Beacon Polish Pass
- Updated GrimHEX hospital shelves
- Improved actor/AI networking
4 days ago [2022-06-30 23:20:23]
** Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 PTU.8121594 Patch Notes**

**Wave 1: Concierge & Active Subscribers**

**New Features:**
- Derelict Reclaimers V1
- Derelict Colonialism Outposts
- AI Planetary Navigation & Landing
- Illegal Collect and Delivery Missions
- Greycat Salvage backpack
- RSI specialist heavy armor sets

**Feature Updates:**
- Reststop Hangar Additions
- Additional Stanton Lagrange Points
- Grim HEX Hospital Expansion
- Combat Service Beacons V2
- QoL updates & polish passes
- Networking improvements
**Alpha 3.17.2 is in PTU Wave 1**

*We can't wait for you to check out new locations like derelict Reclaimers scattered throughout the system, worn-down outposts with loot to discover, and AI improvements to flesh out both. *
*Plus, our brand new dynamic event, Siege of Orison, will certainly turn up the heat in Stanton when it debuts soon.*
4 days ago [2022-06-30 19:47:56]
**Inside Star Citizen: A Siege Upon Us | Spring 2022**

**3.17.2 Patch Report**
- RRS Specialist Heavy armor variants
- Greycat Salvage backpack
- Exploration themed 'vintage' spacesuit
- New stations and layouts in lagrange points
- More medical rooms in Grimhex
- Additional small and medium hangars in stations
- Derelic Outpost on Microtech
- Revamped Combat Assist beacon missions
- More Criminal delivery missions
- Crashed Reclaimer settlements and missions
- Hidden in deep space, Derelict Reclaimers can be found
- Siege of Orison dynamic event

**Siege of Orison: Top** ~~10~~ **7 Pro tips:**
1. Need to Prepare
2. Looks for Maps/Signs to navigate
3. Shuttles work like elevators
4. Find Code-locked containers
5. There's a hidden maze
6. Loot your enemies
7. Find Secret Objectives
**Dynamic Event Weekend - Jumptown 2.0 and Nine Tails Lockdown are back! - Event Schedule**

Nine Tails Lockdown
• NTL01 |
• NTL02 |
• NTL03 |

• NTL04 |
• NTL05 |

• NTL06 |
• NTL07 |
• NTL08 |

• NTL09 |
• NTL10 |
• NTL11 |

Jumptown 2.0 from to
**This Month In Star Citizen | July 2022**

**Notable Events:**
- Nine Tails Lockdown: Nine Tails returns this coming weekend! Keep an eye out for mission and commodity alerts. However, if it's a pirate's life for you, Nine Tails might be looking for support of its own...

- Jumptown Reopens: The chaotic carnage (or respectful queuing) of the community-favorite Dynamic Event returns!

- Foundation Festival: We’re celebrating our incredible Star Citizen community all month long, starting July 7. There'll be updates to the Guide System, org highlights, 8 exclusive earnable free ship paints, and more!

- Fly For Free: From July 7 through July 18, we're running our latest Free Fly event alongside the Foundation Festival! More details coming soon!

- Referral Bonus: Starting July 7, our latest referral bonus gives you and the new players you refer a Drake Dragonfly for free!

- Battle of the Bricks: Star Citizen vs. EVE Online! Our Lego ship build-off battle continues! Don't miss the big Live Stream event on July 22.
**Alpha 3.17.2 Database Wipe**

- Numerous number of issues and bugs occurred over the course of 3.17.0/1 patch cycle.
- With Alpha 3.17.2 , **Items** (ships and vehicles included) and the **Wallet** (aUEC) will be wiped.
- Your current **Reputation** remains.
- This wipe will also fix a variety of account-related issues/bugs that some players have been unable to resolve with character resets.
- All account-attributed items (pledges, subscriber flair, rewards, etc.) will remain.
- A variety of options to compensate an undetermined amount of aUEC in 3.17.2 for those who participate in Jumptown and Nine Tails Lockdown later this week (which happens during 3.17.1 cycle).
**Patch Watch 3.17.2 | Spotlight**

**Actor Downstream Networking Improvements**
- Alpha 3.17.2 vastly improves how players and NPCs move over the network. There will be ongoing improvements to this system and further tuning will be done to various parameters in future patches.

**Reduced Floating Rocks**
- Environment Art performed a general polish on planetary surfaces, including Daymar and Yela.

**Refueling Fixes & Adjustments**
- Multiple refueling bugs resolved, and new features added.
- Fixed an issue with the MISC Reliant series to stop the ships from clipping into the fuel nozzle.
- Ship paints will no longer change when refueling.
- Auto-refueling now correctly indicates that a service is needed.
- Auto-docking to the tank arm has been fixed across multi ships.
- Disabled the ability to quantum travel with a ship attached to the boom arm.

**Ship & Weapon Balancing**
- Vanduul Blade retuned to more closely match the Aegis Gladius.
- Plasma cannons adjusted to 1400 m/s with greater capacitor costs to offset the change.
- Plasma cannons are now full energy damage (distortion damage numbers are under review).

**Mission Box Added to Mustang**
- Can now store delivery boxes in the Mustang. Not final, as an even better solution has been found for a later patch release.
**Galactapedia Update | June 2022**
6 days ago [2022-06-28 22:50:44]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2d 8118455 EVOCATI Patch Notes: **

**Notable Information: **
|| - Further actor networking improvements to help with teleporting and sliding
- Made many improvements to on foot AI networking to improve their movements and responses and reduce rubber-banding
- Added mineable asteroids around Lagrange points at new Space Stations
- Derelect Reclaimer VFX polish pass||
**This Week In Star Citizen**

Tuesday: The Narrative team will publish the monthly Galactapedia update. Scheduled sever maintenance will also be occurring.
Wednesday: A 3.17.2 Patch Watch post will be posted in Spectrum.
Thursday: The last episode of Inside Star Citizen before its hiatus, with an in-depth Patch Report for Alpha 3.17.2. A long weekend of Dynamic Events will also begin (detailed schedule coming soon).
Friday: A new episode of Star Citizen Live, along with the weekly newsletter and a Subscriber Vault Update.
**Game and Services Maintenance - June 28, 2022**
> We will be performing scheduled maintenance starting tomorrow, . This will result in expected downtime for approximately 5 hours, during which time, the persistent universe, Arena Commander, and our websites (including the Issue Council, Spectrum, Galactapedia, and Pledge Store) will be unavailable.
> This is just a standard backend AWS update, alongside normal server maintenance.
1 week ago [2022-06-24 23:30:07]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - June 24th**
> *”I got a shelf for the trophies.”*
1 week ago [2022-06-24 19:32:25]
**Jump Point: Issue 10 06**

**In this issue**
Behind the Scenes: Making the Drake Mule
Manufacturer Feature: Roberts Space Industries
Whitley's Guide: The Anvil Aerospace Legionnaire
Short Story: Divestment
Upcoming Subscriber rewards: The Sakura Fun Bobbleheads
1 week ago [2022-06-23 22:13:32]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2c 8113300 EVOCATI Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
|| - Lighting Polish Pass on New Space Stations and Lagrange points
- Players will now drop empty magazines while reloading
- Mustang Alpha QoL Updates
- Made changes to the cargo grid to add a new 4 SCU cargo box with animated doors.
- Updated the cargo boxes used by the Mustang so that they can open and hold loose cargo
- Several Bug Fixes||
1 week ago [2022-06-23 20:39:33]
**Inside Star Citizen: Second Life | Spring 2022**

- Aims to build a unique experience with:
Lore, Missions, Settlement life, and more
- Certain factions will make camp in derelicts
- Excellent for resource scavenging
- AI navmesh has been enabled, allowing AI to wander derelicts

**Siege of Orison Event:**
- Dynamic event within Orisons floating platforms
- Encourages groups and team gameplay
- There are no mission markers, go explore!
- PVP gameplay isn't discouraged, but isn't supported either
- Event is away from Orisons city center to improve performance
**This Week in Star Citizen - Update**
> UPDATE: There's a few development-related summits happening this week, which have created some scheduling conflicts for SCL. For this reason, and because development takes priority, we're going to take this week off.
1 week ago [2022-06-22 22:06:19]
**Progress Tracker Update | 22 June 2022**

**Roadmap Roundup - 22nd June 2022**

**Release View**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065><:SCN3:769757680285515807> Colonialism Outposts - Derelict: Implementation of derelict colonialism outpost locations throughout Stanton, including missions, loot, and AI interactions. **[3.17.2]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065><:SCN3:769757680285515807> AI - Dropships and Reinforcements: Enabling AI ships to land and deliver reinforcements on planetary terrain. **[3.17.2]**

**Progress Tracker**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Asteroid Facilities: Adding new Asteroid Facilities to the PU.
<:SCN2:769757680327196692> RSI Orion: Removed due to priority shift.
<:SCN2:769757680327196692> MISC Hull B: Removed due to priority shift.
<:SCN2:769757680327196692> MISC Hull D: Removed due to priority shift.
<:SCN2:769757680327196692> MISC Hull E: Removed due to priority shift.
<:SCN2:769757680327196692> Crusader Genesis Starliner: Removed due to priority shift.
**Banu Message - Lore Post**

*Click the link for the full message.*

**New Words for Banu Message**
**This Week in Star Citizen - 6/20/2022**

Monday: Alien Week continues!
Tuesday: Banu Transmission entering the Stanton System (Banu Translation).
Wednesday: Public Roadmap Update alongside an accompanying Roadmap Roundup.
Thursday: Inside Star Citizen takes a look at the upcoming Derelict Reclaimer POIs coming in 3.17.2, plus an introduction to the Siege of Orison (Dynamic Event).
Friday: ~~Star Citizen Live game-dev episode,~~ Subscriber Vault Update, Weekly Newsletter, June Jump Point.
**UPDATE:** No SCL this week due to scheduling conflicts.
2 weeks ago [2022-06-17 23:40:22]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - June 17th**
> *”I could feel the energy.”*
2 weeks ago [2022-06-17 20:54:01]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2-PTU.8107688
EVOCATI Patch Notes:**

EU Servers only for this release!

**Notable Information:**
|| - Polish passes on New Space Stations and Derelict Reclaimers
- Food and Drink QoL Purchasing Update
- Updated Scorpius QT hud location
- Actor Downstream Networking Updates
- Several bug fixes||
2 weeks ago [2022-06-16 21:28:44]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2-PTU.810609
EVOCATI Patch Notes:**

**New Features:**
|| - Siege of Orison Dynamic Mission Playtest
- Added Derelict Reclaimers V1
- Added Derelict Colonialism Outposts||

**Other Notable Information:**
|| - AI - Planetary Navigation test
- Added Illegal Collect and Delivery Missions
- New Greycat Salvage Backpack
- New RSI Specialist Heavy Armor and variants
- Reststop Hangar Additions
- Grim HEX Hospital Expansion
- Many bug fixes
- Several ship rebalances||
2 weeks ago [2022-06-16 20:21:36]
**Inside Star Citizen: Inside the Merchantman | Spring 2022**

Where are we at?
- Exterior is currently going through Greybox.
- One of a kind ship with shops, fancy rounded shapes, and pushes to a whole new level with alien design.

**3:23** - Exterior WIP Greybox Walkthrough
- Dual docking collars, hidden weapons, Elaborately detailed wings that extend outwards.

**5:43** - Banu Merchantman Bridge
- Features a pilot seat, copilot seat, and two control seats which operate two remote turrets.
- Very large and fairly open with a huge curved pane of glass over your head to look out towards space.
- Escape pods and suit lockers located behind the bridge.

**8:25** - Main Turret Room
- Very large turret room moody lighting and a walkway passage to a turret seat.
- Really wanted to push a feeling of "quite a moment while walking into it."
- Turret uses alien technology to operate the turret in a floaty/hovering manner rather than mechanical parts.
- Turret is hidden inside of the ship and doors will open to reveal it once there is a gunner

**10:10** - Shrine Area
- Banu are very multicultural with their beliefs, they designate an area for worship and for fortune.

**10:45** - Medical Room
- Medical bay located behind the bridge, features two healing gel recovery pools in addition to the standard med bed.
- Behind the bays is where the medical officer station is located. There is also a dedicated medical storage closet.

**12:40** - Recreation room
- Mess hall/ social area that features tables, eatery, seats, and a Starmap.
- While the ship is built to accommodate other species, it's still a Banu ship.
- Staff elevators on both ends of the room.
- Secondary hangar control room adjacent to the rec room.

**15:03** - Passenger Floor 5
- Passenger entrance area, serves as a foyer area.
- Meeting room that serves for large trades and negotiations.
- Private VIP suites for wealthy traders that connects to the conference area.

**16:45** - Cargo Hold
- "Colossal" amount of cargo, feels like a warehouse whilst walking in the middle of it.

**17:29** - The Market Area
- First things customers will see walking in the ship.
- Two-story, open layout that shows several shops.

**18:38** - Communal/social crew area
- Round room with several beds which acts like a "social pit" (with passenger area above.)
2 weeks ago [2022-06-16 16:36:59]
**Alien Week 2022**

It was on June 12, 2438, that Humanity and the Banu race made first contact in the Davien System. Every year, we celebrate this historic event, and the cultures, histories, and technologies of the galaxy's non-Human space travelers.

**Out of This World Offerings**
Limited time deals on the hottest alien ships, new ship paints, Tevarin-inspired armor sets, and collectible alien-centric merchandise.

**Intragalactic Drink-Off**
Fill your glasses with an alien-inspired cocktail and enter this year's Intragalactic Drink-Off!

**Alien Ships Poster Contest**
It's time to create a ship poster of your favorite Star Citizen alien ship in the style of its corresponding race!

**And more!**
Look out for more Alien Week goodness on today's *Inside Star Citizen* episode and tomorrow's *Star Citizen Live*!
**Xi'an Transmission - Lore Post**

**New Words for Xi'an Transmission**
2 weeks ago [2022-06-14 22:52:36]
**SC Dev Reply | Commodity Kiosk Feedback**

- The shop UI presented in ISC is a placeholder, representative of what's being worked on for 3.18
- Many portions were cut from the initial version as it would've taken time away from other projects
- Additional features (shown below) are still planned, for later versions

Check out the post for even more concept images and planned feature sneak peeks!
**This Week in Star Citizen - 6/13/2022**

Monday: Kicked off the Battle of the Bricks, an EvE Online x Star Citizen crossover Lego building competition
Tuesday: Narrative team shares a new Xi'an transmission. (Lore Post)
Thursday: Alien week kicks off with updates, contests, and ship skins. Also Inside Star Citizen, featuring the Banu Merchantman in an in-depth development status update.
Friday: Alien-themed Star Citizen Live game-dev episode starting at 3pm UTC
3 weeks ago [2022-06-13 16:16:28]
**Star Citizen vs. EVE Online: Battle of the Bricks**

Players from the Star Citizen and EVE Online community are invited to create their very own LEGO spaceship creations using the spaceships found in both games. After the build-off, the winning entries will be featured on the CIG and CCP platforms and then later built by the community teams from each game during a live stream on July 22.

Between June 13 and June 27, everyone can submit their entry, following the guidelines in the link above. 

Our favorite three builds will win a standalone RSI Scorpius with LTI and also inform which ships the EVE Community Team will have to build on the July 22 live stream.
3 weeks ago [2022-06-11 03:39:27]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - June 10th**
> *"We’ve got precious cargo."*
**SC Dev Reply | The flowers on Orison?**

- Flowers and vegetation are inspired by real world counterparts
- The puffy white flowers are based on Eriophorum (Cotton Grass)
- The leafy bushes are loosely based on Myrica (Bayberry)
- The lower purple vegetation are based on Calluna (Common Heather)
- The tall purple vegetation are based on Chamaenerion angustifolium (Fireweed)
- Ferns are just generic and are not based on a specific type
3 weeks ago [2022-06-09 19:55:38]
**Inside Star Citizen: Nine Lives | Spring 2022**

**Nine Lives**
- Nine Tails are a highly skilled professional criminal organization, running gambling rings, theft, protection, etc.
- Players main point of entry towards the Nine Tails is through Ruto
- Ruto hires clients for Nine Tails without directly exposing them towards the organization
- There were fears that Nine Tails were going to attack during Fleet Week at Orison, and officials are on edge on what they are up to right now (Upcoming dynamic event in 3.17.2)

**Stock and Trade**
- Commodity kiosk getting reworked for building blocks
- Several bugs and QOL information is missing with the current version
- Display if an item is out of stock, or if the shop is full of that commodity.
- Be able to go to a shop to see what you can buy/sell, even if it's full or empty
- Show things that are in your ship that the shop doesn't want
- A step 1 of the trading/hauling loop. More information is "coming soon"
3 weeks ago [2022-06-08 22:19:47]
**Squadron 42 Monthly Report - May 2022**
3 weeks ago [2022-06-08 20:58:50]
Apologies, the first post was missing information, here is the updated and corrected Progress Tracker Update:
3 weeks ago [2022-06-08 20:27:16]
**Progress Tracker Update | 8 June 2022**
**Roadmap Roundup - June 8, 2022**

Notable Information
Split the Derelict Reclaimer - Points of Interest card into two distinct cards

Release View
<:SCN6:769757680360357898> Derelict Reclaimer Space Missions (3.17.2)
<:SCN3:769757680285515807> Additional Stanton Lagrange Points (3.17.2)
<:SCN3:769757680285515807> Derelict Reclaimer Settlement - Point of Interest (3.17.2)
<:SCN3:769757680285515807> Derelict Reclaimer Space Missions (3.17.2)
<:SCN3:769757680285515807> AI - Planetary Navigation (3.17.2)
<:SCN3:769757680285515807> Illegal Delivery Missions (3.17.2)
<:SCN3:769757680285515807> Siege of Orison (3.17.2)

Progress Tracker
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Salvage - Vehicle Munching
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Freight Elevators
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> New Player Experience
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Player/Machine Physical Interaction
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Aegis Retaliator Base
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Anvil Crucible
<:SCN2:769757680327196692> Room Depressurization
**SC Dev Reply | None of my ships appear in Arena Commander!**

- Issue is caused by degraded performance with Live Services.
- Character Reset will not resolve this.
- Restarting the game may help.
**Portfolio: Brentworth Care Center - Lore Post**
**June 2022 Subscriber Promotions**

**In-Game Rewards (flair)**

Vaporwear Skullsnap Enforcer Outfit
- Included with Centurian and Imperator level subscription

Vaporwear Toxic Fog Enforcer Outfit
- Included with Imperator-level subscription

Vaporwear Copperhead Enforcer Outfit
- Pledge only in subscriber store

**Ship of the Month**
- Anvil Spartan
**This Week In Star Citizen**

Tuesday: The Narrative team will publish this week's Lore Post, a portfolio on Brentworth Care Center. The Subscriber Comm-Link for June will also be released.
Wednesday: An update to the roadmap.
Thursday: Inside Star Citizen returns with a look at Nine Tails, along with changes coming to the commodity kiosk.
Friday: A new episode of Star Citizen Live, along with the weekly newsletter and a Subscriber Vault Update.
1 month ago [2022-06-03 23:41:28]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - May 28th**
> "In our derelict nightly skylines."
1 month ago [2022-06-02 19:57:49]
**Inside Star Citizen: Illicit Delivery | Spring 2022**

**Illicit Delivery**
- Currently, there are only lawful delivery missions. In 3.17.2, illegal delivery missions will be added.
- Will function similar to the lawful ones, but will be from a different organisation (Red Wind).
- You will need to gain trust with Red Wind, with initial missions being fairly safe and legal until you can prove yourself.
- There is a higher chance of getting interdicted by security forces.
- In the future, there will be different sized parcels, along with variable penalties on getting caught depending on the cargo.

**Beacon of Combat**
- Currently for combat assist beacons, there is little ship variety, and the player is unaware of how difficult the mission might be.
- There will now be 10 levels of difficulty, with the difficulty being displayed in the contract menu.
- Higher difficulty levels will need to be unlocked by successfully doing combat assist missions with that organisation repeatedly.
- Higher difficulties will encourage you to work with other players to complete the mission.
1 month ago [2022-06-02 01:16:05]
**Star Citizen Monthly Report - May 2022**

**AI (Content)**
- Focused on improving the visuals of general AI locomotion.
- Began using dynamic conversations tech recently delivered by AI Tech, allowing spontaneous AI conversations.

**AI (Tech/Vehicle Features)**
- Several improvements to quantum travel and quantum boost, ships can accelerate while spooling before the actual jump.
- Occlusion calculation was restored to stop NPCs from ignoring hidden enemies while shooting.
- Improved the friendly-fire validation and can now assign different factions different behaviors.
- Developers can now control and set up specific AI scenarios across various ships. Maneuvers are currently being ported to this tech.

**Art (Ships)**
- Improved the damage maps on all ships in preparation for the salvage mechanic.
- An *unannounced* ground vehicle progressed into final art and design. (Not MULE)
- A *new ship* entered the early greybox stage.
- *Banu Merchantman* continued to move through greybox.
- *Argo SRV* began production and is nearing whitebox-complete.
- *Drake Corsair* exterior is in greybox.

- Worked on additional rope simulations to interact with pulleys
- Fog volumes, environmental texture rendering, and reflection optimizations were ported Gen12
- Cloud rendering porting has begun
- Planetary terrain and shadow rendering were improved
- Various improvements were made to the performance profiling system, including CPU spike tracking.
- CPU performance scaling was disabled on high priority threads, to improve speed
- The background job manager is now fully asynchronous
- SOCS improvements were made

**Features (Characters & Weapons) **
- Improved visual effects using scanning pings on foot and how it highlights contacts, interactables and POI.
- Increased information gathered from objects, displaying object states, player/npc inventory contents, causes of death, etc.
- For salvaging, created a model for serializing damage maps.

**Features (Vehicles)**
- Progress made on QT boost, supporting POI and allowing pilots to fly towards highlighted destinations.
- Setup and balance of the new ground-vehicle physics is progressing well. Baseline handling is now complete.

**Graphics & VFX Programming**
- Work on damage maps continued last month, with the team focusing on debris.
- Further Gen12 / Vulkan improvements have been made.
- Number of bugs were fixed in the RTT system.

**Lighting **
- Continuing to support the Siege of Orison mission.
- Provide an interesting and unique atmosphere at night and day while also ensuring good player visibility.
- The space being a fully man-made exterior location means a lot of light entities and shadows must be rendered.

**Locations (Montreal)**
- Spent the month working on the Reclaimer space missions and derelict Reclaimer settlement.
- Next stage is to take the proof of concept and see how much more depth can be added.
- 600i and Mercury derelict settlements progressing on Daymar.
- Rework of Lorville's cityscape is ongoing.
- Landing zone building interiors has entered the concept phase.

**Tools (Montreal)**
- Integration of the Mighty Bridge into the editor was completed.
- Vegetation Scattering v1 also completed, allows teams to deploy vegetation without collisions, brushes, and entities on planetary surfaces and objects.
- Procedural location creation tool is also progressing well.
**Anvil Legionnaire Q&A**

**Conditions for the Legionnaire to dock?**
• Conditions are the same as current ship-to-ship docking.
• Only difference is it can override the docking permission system.

**What happens if the target ship quantum jumps while the Legionnaire is docked?**
• The Legionnaire will quantum with it.

**Range of the Legionnaire’s hacking capabilities?**
• Still to be determined
• "Relatively" close; a few kilometers

**How to counter Legionnaire's hacking ability?**
• Hacking mechanic is intended to have gameplay for both sides.
• AI can perform counter-hacking if no player is present.

**What can be hacked on the target vessel?**
• Dedicated to specific task of overriding the docking/atc systems of the target ship.
• Not able to address the other command systems of the target ship.

**Hangar and landing pad sizes**
• "XS" hangar/pad, which is the same classification as single-seater ships.

**Can the Legionnaire also be used against ships that do not have an airlock?**
• Only committing to it being able to breach dedicated airlock entry points.
• No plan to allow automated docking systems to dock with manned turrets.

**Docking port tunnel on the Legionnaire provide any cover?**
• There are deployable covers built into the tunnel.

**Crew facilities?**
• No.

**What equipment can be transported for the boarding team?**
• Available space on board to store heavy/special weapons and heavy armor.

**Any measures to disguise itself from early detection?**
• No.

**Are the hacking/boarding mechanics unique to the Legionnaire?**
• Hacking/boarding is part of the Legionnaire’s default setup/behavior.
• Other ships can upgrade to have hacking ability at the cost of other blade-controlled electronic warfare roles.

**Legionnaire maneuverability**
• Maneuverability will be closest to the Cutlass Steel.
• It's subject to change (as usual).

**How heavy is the armor compared to other ships?**
• Designed to take significant fire on approach.
• Relatively heavily armored compared to other dropships.
• Much closer to the Terrapin.

**Who controls the turrets and shields while docked?**
• Co-pilot is in control of a turret and the hacking system.
• Pilot has other turret slaved and can manage the shields.

**Boarding mechanic possible with NPC crew?**
• NPC co-pilots will be able to do the role if no Human is present.

**Will it get cells for holding captured enemies?**
• No.
**Galactapedia Update | May 2022**
**This Week In Star Citizen**

Tuesday: The Narrative team will update the Galactapedia with more content. This is also the last day of Invictus Launch Week and the accompanying Free Fly.
Wednesday: The Anvil Legionnaire Q&A will be released, along with the monthly reports for the PU & SQ42.
Thursday: Another Inside Star Citizen episode, looking at the upcoming mission system improvements.
Friday: Updates to the Subscriber Vault and the Weekly Newsletter. There will be no episode of Star Citizen Live this week, due to many holidays already occurring.
**Invictus Launch Week Day 11 & 12 | Invictus Finale**

**Last chance for free test flights!**
Every ILW-featured ship is available to test-fly for free. Find a **Rental Kiosk at the Drake Hall (August Dunlow Spaceport)** before time runs out!

**Last chance for the following special upgrade offers:**
• Valkyrie • Terrapin • Vanguard Sentinel • Retaliator Bomber • Constellation Taurus • 325a • C2 Hercules • Starfarer Gemini • Vulture • Herald
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