7 minutes ago [2022-08-12 20:59:07]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2x PTU.8168029 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Fixed multiple issues causing elevators around the PU to block player entry and use
- Siege of Orison Playtest - Saturday for 6 hours starting at
- Ninetails Lockdown Playtest - Sunday for 6 hours starting at
23 hours ago [2022-08-11 21:48:06]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2w PTU.8166823 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Snakepit Racetrack Audio Polish Pass
- Combat Assistance Beacon Balance Pass
- Several bug fixes
- A few Dynamic Event changes
- Fixed some client crashes
1 day ago [2022-08-11 20:37:52]
**Inside Star Citizen: Sprint Showdown | Summer 2022**

**Drake Corsair (0:50)**
- Drake Corsair Greybox exterior (0:50)
- Remote turret final art (1:44)
- Landing gear (2:00)
- Greybox/final art interior (2:25)
- Corsair Loading ramp/cargo (2:52)
- Big enough for an Ursa/similar sized vehicles
- Asymmetric wings have been attached (3:45)
- Thruster flaps expand and contract

**Argo SRV (4:40)**
- Argo SRV Greybox exterior (4:40)
- Ship has grown a bit in the cockpit area
- Cockpit area (5:04)
- Habitation area (5:23)
- Walkaround (5:32)
- Elevator (5:45)

**BMM Exterior (5:52)**
- "Mostly to showcase how important FOV is in your camera to avoid Duckbill platypus face"

**Salvage iconography / UI for the Vulture, Reclaimer, and more (6:19)**
- Left side shows remaining ship hull, cargo, and material extraction rate.
- Right side shows nozzles, cutters, tractor modes, attributes and range

Work on gimbal system has lead to new tech on how all gimbals work
- Variable drag and speed based on the size and weight, for both the gimbal and item mount.
- More customization for players, allowing for faster and smoother gimbals with smaller weapons, but slower for larger weapons

**Aegis Hammerhead relay system implementation (7:59)**
- Makes the ship a testbed of the future resource management system, supporting engineering gameplay, life support, TTK, on-site repair, and true multi-crew gameplay.

**UI Card system teaser (9:15)**
- Brand new way to take building blocks and display it dynamically throughout the PU and Squadron 42
- Examples such as holographic ship customization, restricted access barriers, etc.
2 days ago [2022-08-10 20:33:18]
**Bar Citizen - We're coming to you!**

*Additional, global Bar Citizen events have been announced:*
In June we announced the Bar Citizen World Tour, which consists of members of our teams visiting your local events, with various goodies and loot in tow (including Banu cubes)!

Since then, we've talked to many of the Community Bar Citizen Organizers out there who have been planning events around the globe, and we're excited to share an update on some of the initial events we'll be attending, starting this week!

**Please see the full article for details on Where & When.**
**Squadron 42 Monthly Report | July 2022**

**AI (Content)**
- Blocked out multiple Vanduul animations, including piloting & positioning from spawn points.

- Refined microgravity movement & navigation for improved experience.
- New animations for master-at-arms weapons, ladder interactions, console use, & locomotion (sharp turns & jukes).
- New NPC mobiGlas interactions.
- Vanduul vent-searching & climbing.
- Continued tuning of facial animations for named cast.

**Art (Characters)**
- Continued work on Shubin mining outfits & head scans for various characters.

**Art (Weapons)**
- Numerous bug fixes; closed out half of the weapon art bug backlog.
- Continued progress on Volt weaponry.
- Began work on faction-specific weapons.

**Features (Gameplay)**
- Continued bug fixing & optimization.
- Added new functionality for conversations & text position.

**Features (Vehicle)**
- Design work began & almost completed on new MFDs.
- Integrated resource network for engineering gameplay, improving performance.
- Quantum boost integrated into SQ42.
- Retuned missile flight after new bug fixes.
- Began SCM tuning.
- Master doc created for resource network, balance, & future ship designs.

**Gameplay Story**
- Applied latest Motion Capture work to numerous scenes, & added entire new scene in Chapter 1.

- Replayed multiple sections after design updates, to prevent player confusion & match design changes.
- Focus on player comprehension of current goals & next steps without spoilers.
- Investigated dynamic conversation system for background scenes & enemy NPCs.

- Provided additional interactive screens used throughout the game.
- Built new SQ42-specific doors & airlocks in multiple styles necessary for various scenarios.

- Continued work with Art & Design to meet Q3 milestones.
- Cleaned up & documented Rigid Body Destruction pipeline, detailing geometry transformation & deformation.

*Summary limited to Squadron 42 updates only. For more information, please read the article.*
2 days ago [2022-08-10 02:30:40]
**Dev Reply: On the topic of Shields and Weapons Customization**

- Developers introduced archetype tuning (which included streamlining all component sizes) to regain control over the balance in the game.
- This allowed the developers to get rid of a lot of balance offenders, like shield generators that were just better than others without having meaningful downsides.
- At the moment (Archetype State) is still what we have because the current focus has NOT been on polishing the PU but on getting the core flight and combat experience in a better shape for the future PU and SQ42.
- Developers are looking at variations of combat gameplay (power triangle adjustments, weapons properties, etc) and using 5 overall Archetypes as opposed to 60+ makes the process a lot more streamlined.
- Archetype State will persist until shield and weapon variations can be brought back in a meaningful state.
**Portfolio: The Brement Beltway | Lore Post**

In this portfolio, we take a look at August Dunlow’s firsthand account of fleeing the UEE through **The Bremen Beltway**; a route that runs through five systems: *Bremen, Nyx, Tohil, La’uo (Virtus),* and *Ē’aluth (Eelaus).*
**This Week in Star Citizen: August 8, 2022**

"Dynamic Events Siege of Orison and Jumptown 2.0 are in full swing and will continue to rule the Stanton system until later this week... All events listed below will run for 24 hours (with a short period between each to make the switch) starting at midnight UTC (5pm Pacific the previous day)."

- Siege of Orison
- Jumptown 2.0
- Siege of Orison
- Siege of Orison

Tuesday: Lore Post - Bremen Beltway
Wednesday: SQ42 Monthly Report Comm-link Repost
Thursday: Inside Star Citizen: All Vehicles sprint report
Friday: Star Citizen Live: Race track game dev featuring Martin Milz at 8am Pacific / 3pm UTC
6 days ago [2022-08-05 23:50:25]
**Weekly Sneak Peek | August 5th**
> *”Working on a bridge of steel.”*
6 days ago [2022-08-05 22:42:01]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2v PTU.8160879 Patch Notes**

*Siege of Orison will be running nonstop on the PTU over the weekend*

**Notable Bug Fixes:**
- Elevators should function correctly
- Party Launching should work more consistently
- Sending aUEC shouldn't disappear into the void
- Unauthorized Surveillance Detected shouldn't fail automatically
- Several major Siege of Orison fixes
- Several more bug fixes
- Several crash fixes
**Ship Showdown 2952 - Get Ready to Rumble**

*Ship Showdown returns! The heated battle to determine the community's favorite ship of the year kicks off with Phase 1 on August 15!*

*Get ready to show support for your favorite ship by getting your best screenshots, 3D prints, paintings, Lego models, or whatever you'd like ready to submit to the community hub to ensure your favorite lands a spot in the Top 16.*
1 week ago [2022-08-04 20:48:22]
**Inside Star Citizen: Star Kart Racing | Summer 2022**

**Snake Pit Race Track:**
- Inspired by the community
- Wanted it to be believable (for lore) and fun
- Made with already existing assets for 3.17.2
- Created during spare time between tasks

**Star Kart Racing:**
- An in-game go-kart track aiming for 3.18
- Idea of filling areas of the game normally used for events
- Situated in the Vision Center convention hall
- Features PTV racing
**Alpha 3.17.2 - aUEC Stipend Update #3**

1 million aUEC has now been gifted to each player as compensation for the wallet services disruption during the initial rollout of patch 3.17.2.

Please read the full article for more information.
**Star Citizen Monthly Report | July 2022**

**AI (Content)**
- Content dedicated time to bug-fixing existing features.
- Continued implementing dynamic conversations feature.
- AI engineers seek out colleagues at work zones to start conversations.

**AI (Features/Vehicles)**
- New design for AI perception where a meter rises depending on different stimuli such as footsteps, gunfire, visualizing target, etc. and scales depending on severity.
- Work started on the investigation behavior, allowing NPCs to determine potential enemy hiding spots and keep track of what they've seen.
- Blocked out vaulting/mantling animations to give NPCs more locomotion options when moving around the environment.
- AI now fully integrated with the ability to swap between ship modes.

**AI (Tech)**
- Focus on adding functionality to allow AI to mantle, jump down, or vault.
- Progress made on locomotion refactor, improving how AI process movement allowing things like actors, creatures, or NPCs driving a vehicle or pushing a trolley.
- Fixed several bugs relating to slow reaction time and desyncs/teleports.

**Art (Ships)**
- Argo SRV in **greybox**.
- Unnanounced ship moving to **final art**.
- Unnanounced vehicle (NOT Centurion) has been **finalized**.
- Unannounced variant is in **whitebox**.
- Drake Corsair is in stages of **greybox and final art**.
- Hammerhead receiving a **resource-management pass**.

- Ray/box overlap checks
- SSE & AVX2 improvements
- Pulley support for rope entities
- Gen12 MIP map support
- Shader system improved
- Render loading thread replaced by video rendering for UI
- Atmos & cloud tech port work
- Analyzed new 100 player servers

**Features (Arena Commander)**
- Feature improvements
- Potentially using PU locations as environments
- Scan/Ping/Radar changes
- Bug fixes

**Features (Characters & Weapons)**
- Extrapolation issue fixes
- Laid groundwork for more FPS devices
- Code Driven IK combined with hand placement feature

**Features (Gameplay)**
- Life Support & Engineering work
- Hull A interactable resource relay points
- UI work for temperature control
- Hull scraping ammo and repair stations

**Graphics, VFX Programming & Planet Tech**
- Gen12 Gas Cloud port.
- Support for silhouettes.
- Hair shader improvements.
- World/Biome builder improved.

- Tech debt backlog work.
- New sand cave archetype.
- Pass on 600i & MSR crash sites.
- Full pass on Orison racing circuit.

- New reclaimer & delivery missions.
- Pyro shops and economy design meeting.
- Mo-Cap work.
- In-game Branding review.
- Published several newsletters, tales, and entries.

**Online services (Montreal)**
- Improved Entity Graph Service performance (in some cases double-digit percentages.)
- Bugfixes & character reset testing for new login flow.
- Began Phase 2 of refactor: Ledger & Wallet for in-game currency handling.
- Completed first refactor of new inventory system with support for persistent streaming.

**Live Tools (Montreal)**
- Added new way to log into Hex 3.0's Network Operation Center (NOC) and manage roles/permissions.
- Conducting internal survey for NOC design & usage for feedback, adjustment, & improvement.

- Continued Starmap UI overhaul.
- Adjusted loadout systems for persistent streaming.
- Collab with Art & Lighting on modular sand cave locations.
- Reduced repetition.
- Pre-production on quantum travel visual overhaul.
1 week ago [2022-08-03 22:18:54]
**Progress Tracker Update | 3 August 2022**

**Roadmap Roundup - August 3rd, 2022**

**Release View**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Daymar Crash Site: A derelict settlement on Daymar using parts of the StarRunner & 600i. **[3.18]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> New Rivers in Stanton: Additional rivers and lakes on microTech and Hurston. **[3.18]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Sand Cave Archetype: Creation pipeline and quality standard for a new sand cave archetype to be placed throughout the Stanton system. **[3.18]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Arena Commander: Classic Race Mode Overhaul: A complete overhaul of all systems and maps in Arena Commander's Classic Race Mode. **[3.18]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Sandbox Prison Activities: Expansion of prison gameplay with a new suite of missions and sandbox activities.**[3.18]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Security Post Kareah Reactivation: Crusader Security have moved in a full-time staff and have begun storing confiscated contraband aboard. **[3.18]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> New Missions - Orison: Bounty, Assassinate, Clear All and other missions to take place on the platforms created for Siege of Orison. **[3.18]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> New Interdiction Scenarios: Adding new variations and difficulty levels of interdiction scenarios. **[3.18]**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Environmental Space Missions: Implementation of new missions and scenarios that the player will encounter as they wander around an area of space. **[3.18]**
<:SCN4:769757680423796756> Salvage - Hull Stripping: Updated to also include Hull Stripping aboard the Aegis Reclaimer using its remote salvage turrets. **[3.18]**
**Observist Lifestyle - Citizens for Pyro | Lore Post**
> *We at the **OBSERVIST LIFESTYLE** are eager to provide an up close look at the unique souls that form the tapestry of our universe.*
**August 2022 Subscriber Promotions**

United Empire of Earth Mini-Flag
- Centurion & Imperator-level Subscribers

United Planets of Earth Mini-Flag
- Imperator-level Subscribers

United Nations of Earth Mini-Flag
- Subscriber store exclusive

Ship of the Month
Drake Cutlass Steel
**This Week in Star Citizen: August 1, 2022**

Tuesday: Observist Lifestyle Lore Post
Wednesday: Roadmap Update, Roadmap Roundup, and Monthly Report
Thursday: Inside Star Citizen all about racing in the 'verse
Friday: Star Citizen Live featuring the VFX team at 8am Pacific / 3pm UTC
1 week ago [2022-07-31 01:06:05]
**Alpha 3.17.2 - aUEC Stipend Update #2**

- Tested the 'fix' internally
- When attempted in LIVE, caused more problems
- Found previously hidden bugs with the system
- Resolved these issues for 3.18
- As an apology, every account will be granted 1 million aUEC (early next week)

*Please read the full article for more information.*
**Alpha 3.17.2 - aUEC Stipend Update**

- Initial stipend amounts were far higher than intended due to both overcounting playtime and the payout per minute being set too high
- Correction will take place server-side, and there **will NOT be a second wipe**
- Those who have spent a "reasonable" amount of the inflated stipend will most likely keep the purchase(s)
- Larger gifts of the stipend sent to other players will likely be removed
- Higher playtimes from 3.17.1 will have a diminishing return on payouts
- aUEC earned by those who logged in between the start of Siege of Orison and the adjustment will still receive the event payout
- Further detail on what constitutes "reasonable" spending can be found in the full post
1 week ago [2022-07-30 00:15:52]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - July 29th**
> *”Darkness has taken the last outpost of the day.“*
1 week ago [2022-07-29 22:26:32]
**Jump Point : Issue 10 07**

**In this issue:**
Behind the Scenes: The Siege of Orison
Galactapedia: Yela
Portfolio: The Secret History of Hurston Dynamics
Upcoming Subscriber Reward: Sakura Sun mini-flag set
**Test Universe Champions**

CIG has recognized the top contributors to PTU testing in various categories such as number of confirmed issues, ships destroyed with a starter craft, and overall time spent in the test universe. Each category has three individuals named, and they have received a ship related to their achievements.

Going forward, CIG will be implementing a more robust system to incentivize PTU participation with more categories and rewards.
2 weeks ago [2022-07-29 01:55:33]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 - Now Available!**

We're happy to announce that Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 is now available to all backers!

We've compiled a useful list of relevant links to help you navigate this major update:
2 weeks ago [2022-07-29 00:13:08]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 LIVE.8148301 Patch Notes**

Database Reset: Yes
Long Term Persistence: Disabled (Reputation will be preserved) (**Wipe happened**)
Starting aUEC: 20,000 (Players will receive a stipend based on previous 3.17.1 LIVE playtime)

**Notable Information: **
- Update: Increased Server Capacity from 50 to ~100 Players
- Derelict Reclaimers V1
- Derelict Colonialism Outposts
- Added the Snake Pit Race Track
- AI - Planetary Navigation
- AI - Landing Improvements
- Illegal Collect and Delivery Missions
- Additional mission markers
- Added New Vehicle: Anvil Centurion
- Added New Lootable Item: Greycat Aril Backpack Collector
- Added New Armor to Shops and Lootable Containers: RRS Specialist Heavy Armor & variants
- Rest Stop Hangar Additions
- Additional Stanton Lagrange Points
- Grim HEX Hospital Expansion
- Improved NPC Face Randomization
- Combat Service Beacons V2
- Food and Drink QoL Purchasing Update
- Shopping Kiosk QoL Updates
- Price of Freedom Mission Updates
- Various vehicle updates
- Player Networking Update
- AI Networking improvements
- Bug fixes galore
- Many crash fixes
2 weeks ago [2022-07-28 20:06:23]
**Inside Star Citizen: A Centurion Among Us | Summer 2022**

**Moar Rivers Run Through It**
- River tool overhauled UI to optimize workflow
- River prediction uses heightmaps and terrain to create realistic flow direction and length
- Auto placement creates entire water systems by applying river prediction multiple times over, then tuning the quantity and qualities based on input criteria
- These can then be reviewed and committed individually
- Further improvements in progress that improve artist input and placement tuning

**A Centurion Among Us**
- Uses the Anvil Atlas platform to mount quad S4 laser repeaters for anti-air usage
- Uses a pair of Size 1 coolers to offset the increased heat output
- The remote turret camera is an improvement over the Ballista's
- Components are accessible from the interior
- Serves to handle targets that would otherwise be too close for a Ballista to engage
2 weeks ago [2022-07-28 15:48:15]
**Alpha 3.17.2 Update**

> *We know that many of you eagerly await the launch of Alpha 3.17.2, and **we're happy to share that we're currently on track for a live release tomorrow.***

**Dynamic Events**
- Siege of Orison and Jumptown to be active on a rotating schedule for the two weeks following patch release.
- Events will run the entirety of the day they are scheduled

**New Player Cap**
- Double the capacity of servers to 100 players per server.
- Increase in players does introduce more potential for stability/performance issues.
- Will utilize dynamically fluctuating server caps that will prioritize performance/stability (some servers will have a cap less than 100).
- Goal of increasing the player cap per server as much as we can.
- Lower player cap (<100) during the Siege of Orison dynamic event is likely.
- No lower player cap for Jumptown.

**Patch Wipe**
- Database Wipe in 3.17.2 (**Items** and **Wallet**).
- **Reputation** remains.
- 3.18 will likely have Database Wipe again.

**Database Wipe Stipend**
- It is a necessary step needed from time to time while we're in Alpha.
- Worked with the design team to distribute a generous quantity of aUEC based on the number of hours you played during Alpha 3.17.1.
2 weeks ago [2022-07-27 00:30:33]
**Galactapedia Update July 2022**

Multiple new articles added such as:
> Untold Tales: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/galactapedia/article/bZkaoYnLEE-untold-tales

> Helios III: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/galactapedia/article/0KxpdzoxDP-helios-iii

> Idris II: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/galactapedia/article/bZkrM6DJ9E-idris-ii

> Kabal system: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/galactapedia/article/V3GLNjMnra-kabal-system

And many more. Do visit the original post for more entries!
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2u PTU.8148301 Patch Notes**


**Notable Information**
- We will be running Siege of Orison on Tuesday for 6 hours starting at
- Reduced the HP of multiple parts on the Esperia Blade
- Hull-A Empyrean, Horizon, and Dusk Paints should no longer be missing
- The rear of the Drake Mule should no longer start to float if the vehicle navigates over steep inclines / hills
- NPCs on dropships should no longer be completely unresponsive for an extended period
- Fixed an issue causing players to have an infinite load screen after recovering from a client crash while in a ship or vehicle
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2t Open PTU.8146540 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information**
- Removed 50 player party max UI text
- Zeta-Prolanide Salvage Claim mission boxes should now all spawn correctly for the player to retrieve
- Players should no longer experience Blinding Lights during planetary flight

- Fixed 4 Client Crashes
- Fixed 2 Server Crashes
**Issue Council v2.31 is now limited to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & Edge**
- If you attempt to access the Issue Council through a browser that is not in this list you will be met with the following message
**This Week in Star Citizen - 07/25/2022**

*…I know that we previously said we had no plans for an increase in player cap on the live servers... We are now exploring increasing the cap for the live release of Alpha 3.17.2!*

Tuesday: Galactapedia Update
Thursday: Inside Star Citizen
Friday: Star Citizen Live, Weekly Newsletter, Subscriber vault & Jump Point
2 weeks ago [2022-07-22 23:25:17]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - July 22**
> *”Oh, moonshine take us to the stars tonight.”*
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2s Open PTU Patch Notes**

**Notable Info**
- We will be running Siege of Orison on Sunday for 6 hours starting at !
- 120 Player Capacity Server Test
- Performance polish pass for FPS AI behavior
- Updated combat assist beacons to only display on screen notifications to players who are currently in a vehicle
- Updated ReShade support to version 5.3
- Fixed an issue causing crash recovery being inconsistent
- Fixed an issues causing Multiple ships to lose their engines after repairing and storing the ship
- Transport beacon destination List should now create Transport beacons from Port Tressler and all options beneath it in the list
- Zeta-Prolanide Salvage Claim mission should now correctly spawn all needed cargo boxes
- Pinned targets should no longer unpin when toggling third person camera
3 weeks ago [2022-07-22 17:23:04]
**Battle of the Bricks - Star Citizen vs. EVE Online**

The battle is about to begin, who will win!?
Check out the Twitch Live Steam featuring the EVE Online Dev team and the Star Citizen Community team!

Additionally, this stream is fundraising to support the Extra Life 2022 cause specifically for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.
Starting out, each $1k donated will be a wheel spin featuring Giveaways, Challenges, and more!

Donate here: https://tiltify.com/@starcitizen/battle-of-the-bricks
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2r PTU.8143480 OPEN PTU Patch Notes:**

**Notable Information**
- Performance polish pass for FPS AI behaviour
- Service beacon polish pass
- Improved the URSA Rover brakes and reverse speeds
- Fixed 7 bugs
- Fixed 2 client and 4 server crashes
3 weeks ago [2022-07-20 22:09:26]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2q PTU.8142179 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Performance polish pass for FPS AI behavior
- UGF, GrimHEX, EZHAB and Landing Zone Elevators should now operate correctly
- Several more bug fixes
- Fixed 5 client crashes
3 weeks ago [2022-07-20 17:12:44]
**Progress Tracker Update | 20 July 2022**

**Roadmap Roundup - July 20th, 2022**

**Release View**
<:SCN1:769757680335192065><:SCN3:769757680285515807> Anvil Centurion: Building, implementing, and balancing Anvil's anti-air ground vehicle, the Centurion, as a game-ready vehicle. **[3.17.2]**

**Progress Tracker**
Part of the Props team has been integrated into the Sandbox and Squadron 42 Art teams. The rest is now the new Interactables Team.
**Untold Tales: Ghost Ship From Beyond Saturn | Lore Post**
3 weeks ago [2022-07-19 23:29:15]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2p PTU.8140979 Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Made further server performance and stability improvements
- Many bug fixes
- Fixed 2 Client Crashes
- Fixed 3 Server Crashes
- Main Thread Deadlock Fix
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2o PTU.8139394 Wave 3 PTU Patch Notes**

**Notable Information**
- 'Restricted Area' warning should no longer appear for players who re-accept a shared mission after abandoning it.
- Fixed 1 Client Crash.
- Fixed 3 Server Crashes.
**This Week in Star Citizen - July 18th, 2022**

Tuesday: Weekly lore post
Wednesday: Roadmap roundup
Friday: Battle of the Bricks livestream at 4pm UTC, RSI Newsletter and Subscriber vault
3 weeks ago [2022-07-17 18:31:42]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 PTU is now open to ALL BACKERS**
*patch is the same as the previous one - Star Citizen Patch 3.17.2n*
3 weeks ago [2022-07-16 03:50:14]
**Star Citizen Live | All About Alpha 3.17.2**

Note: not all questions were listed; please watch the video for the rest.

Q: Does the new navmesh allow AI to use ground vehicles and fire on ships from on-foot?
A: No, it allows them to traverse the planet, but there's a plan for that.

Q: Will you patch all the known bugs in 3.17.2 before going live?
A: No, we focus on the worst & fix what we can, but there are too many to fix before release.

Q: Will the navmesh allow NPCs to walk around placed items, even on ships?
A: That's the end-goal; anywhere, eventually with obstacle avoidance & clearing.

Q: What're you doing to improve the FPS AI?
A: 3.17.2 contains 6 months-worth of networking changes to reduce desync and decouple AI performance from server health, which we're tuning as necessary.

Q: New AI dropship reinforcements: why a Cutlass Black instead of say, a Cutlass Steel?
A: This is just the initial version; expect more variations & applications in the future.

Q: Can the AI dropships transport players?
A: That's not the current focus, but we're exploring further uses.

Q: When will 3.17.2 go live?
A: When we think it's ready.

Q: Will there be more quanta instances for cargo/trade?
A: Not in 3.17.2.

Q: Is there discussion of increasing payout of trade & mining?
A: We are monitoring gameplay balance, but upcoming changes necessitate further evaluation.

Q: Did any of the 3.17.2 derelicts have salvage in mind when being created?
A: Yes. There are 3 types of derelicts: Inhabited (maybe hull scraping), Fresh (hull scraping and munching), and Old (munching only).

Q: Will Crusader's atmosphere be reduced to allow easier travel exit and entry?
A: We've considered it, but no promises.

Q: Will the new crashed Reclaimer derelicts have loot boxes?
A: Not yet.

Q: Will we ever be able to filter notifications and messages?
A: Yes, eventually.

Q: Will combat logging be addressed?
A: Yes, eventually.
3 weeks ago [2022-07-16 00:40:03]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - July 15th**
> *”All I am is a weapon.”*
3 weeks ago [2022-07-15 23:01:11]
**SC Dev Replies | Arena Commander**

**Swarm Modes**
- Vanduul Swarm difficulty is reduced compared to PU.
- This reduction will eventually be removed.
- Pirate Swarm difficulty isn't reduced.
- Solo AC Swarm's only benefit over multiplayer is that you get two additional AI flightmates, Vixen & Overlord.
- Pirate Swarm variation is fixed, but Vanduul Swarm has an element of randomness in enemies, regardless of player count.
- Destroying the 10 enemy Merlins in the final wave spawns three friendly Hurricanes to help you, so it's best to prioritize them.

**Future Improvements**
- Ranked matchmaking, in-atmosphere AC maps, and improvements to various multiplayer modes are on the to-do list, but not this year.
- AC flight is mostly the same as PU, but should have better performance and less lag.
- Ability to play AC with in-game purchases was discussed but is still not planned.

**Star Marine**
- "The Good Doctor", a Star Marine map, was developed with NPCs in mind, but the bots were not ready for solo play at the time.
- Star Marine solo play will be evaluated again soon.
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2n PTU.8138392 Wave 2 PTU Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Further AI performance Improvements
- Greatly increased Ursa rover health
- Greatly increased Railgun damage
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