**Introducing: Drake Mule**

**All-New Cargo Loader**
- Suitable for jobs from personal deliveries to stripping industrial freighters.
- Room for six small boxes.
- Load up the spacious rear cargo bay and take on the harshest and most treacherous runs.
- Built-in forklift allows for easy, hands-off loading of cargo onto or off larger vessels and cargo decks.

*Note: Forklift and Rear Cargo makes up a total of 2 SCU.*

**Q&A:** https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/18685-Q-A-Drake-Mule
**Invictus Launch Week Day 9 & 10 | Drake Interplanetary**

> Most ships on display are available to test-fly for free, so just select the ship you want, and take to the skies!

**Available Ships**
• Buccaneer • Caterpillar • Cutlass Black • Cutlass Blue • Cutlass Red • Cutlass Steel • Dragonfly Black • Herald • Mule 🆕

**Future Flyables**
• Corsair • Kraken • Kraken Privateer • Vulture
1 day ago [2022-05-27 23:54:08]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - May 27th**
> *"Sins are the cargo of my ship."*
1 day ago [2022-05-27 19:27:47]
**Jump Point: Issue 10 05**

**In this Issue:**
Behind the Scenes: Making the Anvil Legionnaire
Behind the Scenes: Invictus History
Galactapedia: Midas Fish
Portfolio: Invictus Launch Week: A History
Upcoming Subscriber Reward: Punk clothing
1 day ago [2022-05-27 16:24:05]
**Star Citizen Live: Invictus All-Vehicle Q&A**

*Looking for the latest on the nitty-gritty of flight, aerial combat, and all things vehicles? John and Richard from the Vehicle Team join us for a special Invictus Q&A to answer your questions on ship balance, flight speed, physical damage, and more.*
1 day ago [2022-05-27 10:08:48]
**aUEC Retention Problems**

> A series of services fixes will be deployed starting on to address this issue. **In-game transactions will time out or fail for ~60 minutes** while this fix is rolled out. After completion, backers will likely see their aUEC values deviate from the current displayed total. This deviation is expected due to the number of services issues present since 3.17.1 went live. However, values should be significantly more stable after the deployment of this hotfix.
2 days ago [2022-05-26 20:36:48]
**Inside Star Citizen: Pack Mule | Spring 2022**

**Drake Mule:**
- A 6 wheeled ground cargo vehicle
- Has 6 slots for carriable cargo boxes
- Forklift in the front & cradle in the back for 1 SCU crates
- Around the same size as an R.O.C

**RSI Scorpius:**
- Built as a 2 crew heavy fighter
- Has an iconic silhouette with transformable wings
- Gunner is remote operated and can move position to the back of the ship
- Carries x16 S2 missiles, 4x gimballed S2 repeaters, and 4x S3 turret
- Shield upgraded to size 2
- Future plans are to have the ship be faster when wings are retracted
**Invictus Launch Week Day 7 & 8 | Crusader - Tumbril - MISC**

> Most ships on display are available to test-fly for free, so just select the ship you want, and take to the skies!

**Available Ships**

Crusader Industries
• Ares Ion • Ares Inferno • Mercury Star Runner • A2 Hercules • C2 Hercules • M2 Hercules

Tumbril Land Systems
• Nova Tank • Cyclone MT • Cyclone AA • Cyclone RN • Cyclone TR

Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC)
• Freelancer MIS • Razor EX • Reliant Tana • Starfarer Gemini

**Future Flyables**
Tumbril Ranger TR
3 days ago [2022-05-26 00:10:38]
**Progress Tracker Update | 25 May 2022**
**Roadmap Roundup - May 25th, 2022**

Notable Information
<:SCN6:769757680360357898> 3.18 column has been adjusted to now arrive in Q3 2022

• "The goal will be to get 2-3 months of testing on Alpha 3.18 in PTU for an Alpha 3.18 release to LIVE in late Q3"

• "...there will be an Alpha 3.19 update at the end of Q4, with a similar testing approach as 3.18 for the initial release of Server Meshing, the Pyro System, and more in Alpha 4.0...."

Progress Tracker
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Drake Mule
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Anvil Legionnaire

Release View
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Drake Mule (3.17)
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Illegal Delivery Missions (3.17.2)
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> AI - Planetary Navigation (3.17.2)
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Derelict Reclaimer - Points of Interest (3.17.2)
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Additional Stanton Lagrange Points (3.17.2)
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Siege of Orison (3.17.2)
<:SCN1:769757680335192065> Persistent Entity Streaming (3.18)
**Issue Council | *Archived: "It's not a bug"* replaced with *Archived: "Feedback"* **
( Please login to read the post )
• We've received feedback that when a report was Archived as "It's not a bug", this made it sound like we considered the conversation on the issue to be over.
• If a report is Archived for this reason, we always highly recommend and hope players will continue the discussion over the in dedicated Feedback section of Spectrum, where it can be reviewed by our developers and dedicated feedback staff.
• To better reflect our philosophy on this, as of Issue Council v2.29, all past and future reports Archived as "It's not a bug" will now instead show the reason "Feedback".
3 days ago [2022-05-25 21:32:53]
@General News
**SC Dev Reply | Default purchase location should be local inventory**

- Default purchase location is currently set to core armor instead of local inventory
- This is a bug and not intentional design
- There is no specific release scheduled for this fix
- The fix should come in with the next set of shop changes
** Empire Report: Incredible Living Universe Scandal - Lore Post**
4 days ago [2022-05-24 16:17:16]
**Invictus Launch Week Day 5 & 6 | RSI - Origin - CNOU - Argo**

> Most ships on display are available to test-fly for free, so just select the ship you want, and take to the skies!

**Available Ships**
• RSI Aurora LN • RSI Constellation Andromeda • RSI Constellation Aquila • RSI Constellation Phoenix • RSI Constellation Taurus • RSI Mantis • RSI Scorpius 🆕 • RSI Ursa Rover • Origin 125a • Origin 325a • CNOU Mustang Delta • Argo MPUV 1C • Argo MPUV 1P

**Future Flyables**
• RSI Apollo Medivac • RSI Apollo Triage • RSI Perseus • RSI Polaris • Origin G12a • Argo SRV
**Looking For Questions: Star Citizen Live - Vehicle Content & Feature Teams**

Vehicle Content and Feature teams will be the guests for this week's Star Citizen Live to answer the following topics:

• Anything and everything spaceship-specific.
• Priority will go to questions about currently flight ready vehicles.

Tune in to *twitch.tv/starcitizen* this to hear the answers (the show will be prerecorded).
**[PTU Event Playtest] Orison Dynamic Event**

We will be opening up the PTU for a playtest of the new Nine Tails Dynamic Event mission that takes place in Orison!
We don't want to give too many details about this event to gather feedback on the mission instructions and flow but we will say that it is an FPS combat mission that takes place in Orison!

Instructions for the Test:
3 hour playtest on all PTU servers Tonight! Start time - 18:00 CDT | 23:00 UTC | (TUES) 09:00 AEST
(your local timezone: )
The mission and servers will stay up overnight beyond the 3 hour focused time
**This Week In Star Citizen**

Tuesday: The Narrative team is back with a new edition of the Empire Report.

Wednesday: Update to the Public Roadmap alongside an accompanying Roadmap Roundup

Thursday: Inside Star Citizen - Invictus Launch Week edition

Friday: Update to the Subscriber Vault and the weekly RSI Newsletter with a Star Citizen Live special Invictus Q&A
**SC Dev Reply | Missing friends list**

> Hey everyone! **We're experiencing some disruption of our social services (Global Chat & Chats, Group & Invites, AC Matchmaking) due to the current immense load on our servers.** Translation: there are a whole lot of people in the 'verse right now checking out Invictus Launch Week! We've got the right folks hammering away to restore these services, thanks again for your patience!

Check https://status.robertsspaceindustries.com or <#740956475853111427> for the latest updates.
**Invictus Launch Week Day 3 & 4 | Aegis Dynamics**

> Most ships on display are available to test-fly for free, so just select the ship you want, and take to the skies!

**Available Ships**
• Avenger Stalker • Avenger Titan • Avenger Titan Renegade • Avenger Warlock • Eclipse • Gladius • Gladius Valiant • Hammerhead • Redeemer • Retaliator Bomber • Sabre • Sabre Comet • Vanguard Harbinger • Vanguard Hoplite • Vanguard Sentinel • Vanguard Warden

**Future Flyables**
• Idris-P • Javelin • Nautilus • Retaliator Base • Vulcan
1 week ago [2022-05-20 23:22:59]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - May 20th**
> *"I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight."*
1 week ago [2022-05-20 21:45:16]
**SC Server Status | Degraded Performance**

- ILW issues are being investigated
- Character Resets may take longer due to volume of requests
- Hotfixes have been deployed for Duplicate Ship issues
- More investigation is needed for additional Duplicate Ship issues
- Please **DO NOT** request a Character Reset for Duplicate Ships
- Inaccessible Expo Halls and Jav Tour is being investigated
- Missing UEE Fleet has been resolved
1 week ago [2022-05-20 20:48:05]
**Star Citizen Live: AI Roundtable Q&A**

*This week on Star Citizen Live, we gather developers from the AI Content, Tech, and Feature teams to answer the community's questions on all things AI.*
**Invictus Launch Week Day 1 & 2 | Anvil Aerospace**

> Most ships on display are available to test-fly for free, so just select the ship you want, and take to the skies!

**Available Ships**
• Arrow • Ballista • C8X Picsces • Carrack • F7C Hornet • F7C Hornet Wildfire • F7C-M Super Hornet • F7C-R Hornet Tracker • F7C-S Hornet Ghost • Gladiator • Hawk • Hurricane • Spartan • Terrapin • Valkyrie

**Future Flyables**
• Crucible • Legionnaire • Liberator
**Invictus Launch Week 2952 & Free Fly**

Invictus Launch Week is an event held the last week of May that marks the beginning of the new recruiting year and the graduation of the latest class of officers and pilots of the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN). Players interested in Star Citizen can play the game for free during the event, simply by making an account and downloading the game.

• **The event starts , and will last until .** The Free Fly will commence and end at the same time as the event.
• **Everyone will be provided with an Anvil C8X Pisces starter ship during the event**, so you are able to travel to the Expo. The game will be available to everyone for free for the duration of the event, so **you do not need to buy anything to play**.
• Each manufacturer will exhibit their ships for **48 hours in the Vision Center on Orison, Crusader**. Once you have rented a craft, it will be available for 48 hours.
• **Take a tour on the Aegis Javelin destroyer**, and see the Navy's most fearsome destroyers, corvettes, and carriers make their way through Stanton.

Please check <#976594109605228564> for any assistance with location, how to get there, and when events are happening.
1 week ago [2022-05-20 16:18:52]
**Star Citizen: The 2952 Dunlow Derby**

*This year's race track was created in collaboration with the community of Star Citizen Racing, a racing community that hosts its own tracks, leaderboards, and in-game events. Don't hesitate to check it out if you're looking for your next high-speed challenge!*
*In addition, our friends at Thrustmaster are sponsoring the race with some fancy prizes for the fastest times!*

Submission period ends on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 (EOD 11:59 PM Pacific).
Details below!
1 week ago [2022-05-20 16:09:41]
**SC Dev Reply | Nine Tails occupy Orison and then use their most feared weapon yet...**

- Event activating prematurely is not intended
- The team is looking into a hotfix
- The new event was never intended to start for ILW
- When the event is ready for release, more information will come
- The issue should be less impactful now
- If it does cause another crash, the hotfix will automatically be released to the server
- This approach should not affect the large amount of user currently on the servers
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.1 LIVE.8073467 LIVE Patch Notes**

**Notable Information: **
- *Invictus patch *
- Window Interior Mapping Shader
- Added New Ship: RSI Scorpius
- Lighting Polish Pass for Hurston Volumetric Clouds
- Paints can now be stored in personal and ship inventories
- Added Ability for Players to Purchase Shop Items Directly into Ships
- Made Further Performance Improvements to Streaming Bubble
- Performance Polish Pass on Large Planetary Storms
- Several bug fixes
1 week ago [2022-05-19 21:12:35]
**Inside Star Citizen: Unto the Breach | Spring 2022**

**Unto the Breach | Anvil Legionnaire**
- Legionnaire is a 2-man boarding ship with 8 boarders
- Fills a gap for lawful (Bounty hunting) and less lawful (Piracy) gameplay
- Legionnaire has hacking capabilities for docking override

**The Story of Invictus**
- Invictus originated in 2542 during the first Tevarin war.
- Ships weren't as common back then so the navy had to go around collecting recruits annually.
- It then evolved to a more focused celebratory event with recruitment alongside it.
- Exists as a way to drum up support for the Navy in terms of recruitment and military patriotism.
- Not without controversy, some say it costs too much taxpayer money and exists to market to ship manufacturers, foregoing truly showing off the Navy and what it represents.

*Please don't forget to watch the outro at 7:40* ||<:PicoGun:854571735156523028>||
1 week ago [2022-05-19 16:29:33]
**Anvil Legionnaire: Board & Take Control**

> When the operation calls for the rapid recovery of an enemy-occupied vehicle or station, the Legionnaire is ready for duty. With eight drop seats, versatile docking options, and an advanced security infiltration system, even the most difficult boardings are viable with the Legionnaire in your fleet.

> The Legionnaire’s integrated infiltration systems empower operators to stealthily disable security measures on target vessels, leaving them vulnerable to docking, boarding, and seizure.

**The general availability of this promotion will begin on May 20.**

**Specs: **
2 Crew
8x Jump Seats
2x s2 Remote Turrets
3x s1 Shields
Armor: Heavy
Utility: Docking Override / Hacking Device
Dimensions: 32m L / 23.3m W / 10.2m H
**PTU Testing Needed - Calling All Pilots!**

- Due to ILW, server stress testing is needed
- If you have availability, hop on to PTU
- Player numbers are needed to test the latest backend changes
- CIG Team will be in game
- Javelin tour and event fly-by will be enabled
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.1d PTU.8073467 Open PTU Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Fleet week / general bug fixes
1 week ago [2022-05-18 21:28:33]
**Letter from the Chairman - 2022**

**Year in Review**
- 2021's new Covid variants caused more lockdowns and delays
- Manchester, UK's office first to reopen, followed by Austin, TX then Los Angeles, CA
- Working remotely, while flexible, was slower for development overall
- Despite 2021's challenges, much was accomplished, e.g. XenoThreat, Docking, Invictus Jav tour, Orison & more
- Massive Community growth, with Daily Active User count increasing by 50%
- Focus on SQ42 development and release
- 2022 growth may break $500m & over 4 million accounts
- Game vision continues to expand to be more immersive
- Thank you to all backers

**Road to 4.0**
- Patch 3.0 published 2017
- 4.0 aiming for Q4 PTU
- Includes Pyro System
- Brings 3 major tech:

Persistent Entity Streaming
- Needed for Server Meshing
- Offers full persistence of items, ships and players
- Successfully internally tested last week

- Complete graphics engine replacement
- Multithreaded and efficient
- Allows best use of Modern PC hardware

Server Meshing
- 1st version is Static SM
- 2nd is Dynamic SM
- Allows server scalability and better performance

- 3.18 requires longer Evocati/PTU testing
- Physical Cargo and Salvage pushed back to work with new major tech (PES)
- Due to delay, 3.17.2 patch will bring new Missions, Locations and Gameplay instead
- At least 3 months PTU testing for 3.18

**Building for Longevity**
- 2022 aiming to grow all company departments
- Opening 2 new offices soon in Manchester, UK and Frankfurt, DE
- Future planning for new Austin studio
- Upgrading LA studio

- Huge undertaking with lots of planning
- Unable to plan shows currently
- LA Convention Center imposes gathering restrictions
- 70% of CIG moving into new offices
- CitizenCon will be Virtual this year, due to issues listed
- 10th Anniversary of CIG
- No gameplay demo during Keynote
- Expect panels with Devs on Progress and Future plans
- No planned SQ42 presentation

**Bar Citizen World Tour**
- 2+ years since last event
- "World Tour" kickoff in Summer
- Goes with in-lore holiday "First Contact Day"
- Hope to solidify "International Bar Citizen Day"
- Starting off hosting events near dev studios in mid-June
- Will branch off into further locations
- Events will include goodies and dev interactions
- Part of CIG's 10th anniversary
- Events will be announced on Spectrum

**Final Thoughts**
- Persistent Streaming, Server Meshing, and Pyro are imminent (pushing for end of year testing).
- Provided major changes including Physicalized Cargo, Bounty Hunting v2, new events and missions, enhancements to Jumptown
- Corsair, Vulture, and Hull C incoming, with numerous QoL improvements on the way.
- Big thanks to: Publishing Team, Live-Ops Team, QA Team, Turbulent Teams, Finance Team, Legal Team, Studio Experience Team, Marketing Team, Community Team, Customer Support Team, Player Experience Team, IT Dept, People Dept, and YOU.
- From all of us at Cloud Imperium, we will see you at Bar Citizen, Digital CitizenCon and in the PTU!
**Letter from the Chairman**

*Summary WIP, will be doing a follow-up post*
1 week ago [2022-05-18 16:09:46]
**Invictus Launch Week 2952 - Schedule**

Join the United Empire of Earth Navy and celebrate! Visit the Orison Vision Center every two days to see and test-fly a new batch of ships.

Visitors may also tour an in-service Aegis Javelin destroyer, or marvel at the in-flight RSI Bengal Carrier.

**May 20-21**
- Anvil Aerospace | Arrow - Ballista - Pisces - Carrack - Hornet series - Gladiator - Hawk - Hurricane - Spartan - Terrapin - Valkyrie

**May 22-23**
- Aegis Dynamics | Avenger series - Eclipse - Gladius - Hammerhead - Redeemer - Retaliator - Sabre - Vanguard series

**May 24-25**
- Roberts Space Industries | Aurora LN - Constellation series - Mantis - Scorpius - Ursa Rover
- Origin Jumpworks | 125a - 325a
- Consolidated Outland | Mustang Delta
- Argo Astronautics | MPUV 1C - MPUV 1P

**May 26-27**
- Crusader Industries | Ares Ion & Inferno - Mercury - Hercules series
- Tumbril Land Systems | Nova Tank - Cyclone series
- Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC) | Freelancer MIS - Razor EX - Reliant Tana - Starfarer Gemini

**May 28-29**
- Drake Interplanetary | Buccaneer - Caterpillar - Cutlass series - Dragonfly Black - Herald

**May 30-31**
- Wrap-up and closing | All vehicles from previous days are available to fly until May 31st, when the free-fly event ends.
**Terra Gazette: What Does the Future Hold for Suj Kossi? - Lore Post**
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.1c PTU.8071730 OPEN PTU Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- Fleet Week Updates
- Paints can now be stored in personal and ship inventories
- Scorpius Turret Adjustments
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.1b PTU.8070519 Open PTU Patch Notes: **

**Notable Information:**
- We plan on running the Fleet Week Expo Halls (minus the Drake hall) and Javelin Tour/Flyby tonight starting shortly after we release to PTU
- Scorpius Fuel Use Balance Pass
- Javelin Tour / Expo Hall / General bug fixes
**This Week in Star Citizen**

Tuesday: The Narrative team is back with a new episode of Terra Gazette.
Wednesday: Manufacturer Free Fly Schedule and an Invictus FAQ.
Thursday: Inside Star Citizen returns with Jared towing the fleet?
Friday: Invictus Launch Week kicks off, which runs until May 31. Also an update to Subscriber Vault and the weekly RSI Newsletter. New Star Citizen Live episode will feature the Actor Feature Team!
**Looking For Questions: Star Citizen Live - AI Content, Feature, and Tech**

Actor Feature Team will be on this Friday's Star Citizen Live to answer your questions on the following topics:

• AI Usables
• NPC Behaviors
• FPS Combat
• AI Reinforcements

Tune in on to *twitch.tv/starcitizen* to hear the answers LIVE.
**SC Dev Reply | [PTU Feedback] RSI Scorpius**

- The remote turret will not have radar screens, or any other data displays in 3.17.1.
- Turret angle maps will be added in the future, which will show radar contacts and angle limits
- The Scorpius will only have two MFDs, but display data will be added into the helmet in the future.
- Shooting guns while the wings are folded is not a bug, but instead missing tech that will also be used on other ships.
**SC Dev Reply | StarMarine and ArenaCommander Private lobbies, any update?**

- Delays due to Firesprite parting ways
- New AC is expected to be completed on the ACFT side in 1 or 2 months
- Network/Services needs to also make progress for the new AC to be completed
- Network/Services are busy with other projects at the moment
- New AC is hopeful to be released this year, but may not happen
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.1 PTU.8069117 OPEN PTU Patch Notes**

**Notable Information:**
- **Added New Ship: RSI Scorpius** 🦂
- Lighting Polish Pass for Hurston Volumetric Clouds
- Increased Shield Health of Size 2 Shields
- Added Ability for Players to Purchase Shop Items Directly into Ships
- Added and New Refueling Console to the Rear Catwalk Platform on the Starfarer
- Made Further Performance Improvements to Streaming Bubble
- Performance Polish Pass on Large Planetary Storms
2 weeks ago [2022-05-13 23:33:43]
**Weekly Sneak Peek - May 13th**
> *”Warning, emergency airlock sequence engaged.”*
2 weeks ago [2022-05-13 05:23:22]
**Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.1 PTU.8066896 EVOCATI Patch Notes: **

**Notable Information:**
|| - Added a new graphics shader to buildings around the PU that will display 3d interior rooms that change perspective when looking through windows.
- Increased Shield Health of Size 2 Shields
- Added ability for players to purchase shop items directly into ships
- Added a New Refueling Console to the Rear Catwalk Platform on the Starfarer
- Made Further Performance Improvements to Streaming Bubble
- Lighting Polish Pass for Hurston Volumetric Clouds
- Performance Polish Pass on Large Planetary Storms||
2 weeks ago [2022-05-12 19:39:24]
**Inside Star Citizen | Oops, All Sprint Report III | Spring 2022**

**AI team:**
- Procedural AI flight path and landing splines
- AI takeoff and landing will lead to missions
- Randomized AI walking speeds
- Update to collision tech
- Planning NPC outfit variety for Frontiers and Miners

**Planet Content & EU Sandbox teams:**
- New cave archetypes, such as Sandstone
- Building out underwater flora, starting with River weeds

**Drake Corsair:**
- Being taken up to Gold Standard
- Entry lift now opens into Mess Hall
- Cockpit in Final Art

**Ground Vehicles:**
- Updated movement physics being tested
- Aiming for a natural, smooth movement
- Will include how vehicles traverse mountains and falling

**Salvage Teaser:**
- Updated VFX on salvage beam using Drake Vulture
2 weeks ago [2022-05-11 19:23:25]
**Progress Tracker Update | 11 May 2022**

**Roadmap Roundup - May 11th, 2022:**

**Release View**
<:SCN3:769757680285515807> RSI Scorpius:
Passed final review, Committed to 3.17.1
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